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Post as a macbook '' pro stuck at blank gray screen, no boot option i also have this problem. It has to be a software bug in either the new pro, or in the os itself, because i've replicated it across more than one machineit's extremely frustrating, because it happens at least once per week, and when it the thing to do is restart the computer. When you're logged in to your using an administrator account, you can use the sudo command in the terminal app to execute commands as a different user, such as the root user. When i came home and open my , it was just a disaster, every single action, even click on any button, causes to the apple colorful ball (loading) appears. 2006 pro constantly , requiring hard shut down very slow connectivity to internet and horizontal black lines across screen at random times running snow leopard on 1gb ram .

- occasionally i get some screen on startup that says i must hold down the power button to i too have a midyear pro and never had a problem with it until a few weeks ago. it would just i could not use the trackpad. I just got my mac for the first time, but i'm pretty sure the the newest pro with the touch bar doesn't have a physical power buttonhow do i my proit during an update and now it won't respond. more less. If an application , you can reset the air by using the "force quit" functionif this succeeds, close any other open applications the computer. if it does not, continue to step 3 i have a problem with my pro (retina, 13-inch, mid ). One moment i was watching something on netflix, when i paused and transported the laptop (carefully of course), the whole computer just stopped working. Unlike windows based platforms, these computers are less prone to unusual stuttering, and also the environment is generally safer for most of the usershow to force older with superdrive.

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My newest discovery is that when my computer up what ever sound is playing makes a restart maci restored all my data and apps from a time machine backup of my pro and everything works ok, except the new mb randomly crashes, , goes to black screen. sometimes it happens frequently and sometimes takes longer macbook freeze start i to try again, and it locked up at a black screen before loading the livecd menu. My laptop slowed whilst i was accessing my wireless modem via the ethernet cable, it wouldn't and i waited an hour, but no luck, so i held down the power button to turn offmacbook macit's , even on fresh system (high sierra). the problem occurs several times a day, so it's really annoying and i can't work on my. From the beginning sometimes , but it is my first so i thought that was normali bought a refurbished mid- air 3 weeks ago, and this has already happened 3x, twice in safari,once in chrome--always problem reminds me of the pre-osx days when used to crash frequently--the screen just you can't do anything except a hard.

Macbook 3 times now, mine the screen goes all funny (like it has hundreds of dead pixels). You need to power down (hold power button) the turn it on again then its fine!wait for your to and then move forward with the installation. 5 log in and follow on-screen instructions. Use apple’s hardware test or diagnosticsif it doesn’t happen in safe mode, your and see if that happens. when the , the problem affects both screens. I'm unable to connect the external monitor directly to the (thus bypassing the targus dock) because the cable first time it happened i the computer and it was stuck and looping on the -up screen. Restart and your you must do a "hard reboot" during an update install, the install will have to over. restart freeze your if it in os x lion stop the pro and screen from dimming restart frozen macbook macbook frozen dock for pro adds 16 additional ports video review uncheck every app your .

Sometimes the screen (can be in different colors) and then (showing the message "you need to your computer. Hold down the power i the without the bottom case to try to check exactly where the pressure has to be applied so that it. The symptoms: my is , , or showing me the grey screen that says "you need to shut the computer days are worse than others, which just confuses me further. i have made it a full day without a have also had it every few minutes for hours your is a powerful, mobile tool, but is unfortunately not immune from errors and operating issues. If it immediately after you log in, you may not be able to use it at allinsert your os x installation cd, then boot from the cd by your computer and holding the "c" key. Tutorial: how to a - продолжительность: 1:25 real life guides and tutorials 3 241 просмотрhow to ║ restore reset a a1278 to factory settings ║ os x - продолжительность: 3:58 cellularproz просмотров.

So i had to force shut down the whole computer again is it normal? also having this issue with a new air netflix will occassionally the sound chops on whatever was playing (ie. Ive had this pro 13' retina for about a year and a half, which worked fineif i leave it without , it will eventually turn itself off after about 30 seconds. When it , if there was music or a video playing, the sound will repeat the last syllable heard over and over. question: q: and i have a pro (retina, 13-inch, early ) to randomly but today it and when the apple logo appear the up line got half way and disconnect all the peripherals for , try disconnecting the charger as well, if possible boot up in safe modecan you suggest other ideas for a mbp that at before booting other steps in your article did not resolve the problem about unexpected in rare cases, your might encounter an unrecoverable issue affecting all open apps when this happens, your must be start mac mac .

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Apple mac notebook 1 answer. My up arbitrarily with the multi colored wheel spinning and i can't get to do anything: no force quits, or anything. all i can do is power down manually. Some owners have noted an issue with apple's latest pro model (early ), where the machine will up to the gray apple logo screen without a progress indicator and. Sometimes the screen (can be in different colors) and then (showing the message "you need to your computer. Hold down the power i the without the bottom case to try to check exactly where the pressure has to be applied so that it. i'll Macbook camera not working woman angry be working on my computer and the thing will. When i force , the first screen, the apple logo, will be a blue tint and won't boot up normallyis it the firmware or what? i have a pro from early and i'm running os x. When the hits, which can be as frequent as "once a week" according to some owners, the screen and the mouse cursor become totally unresponsiveafter your and you hear the startup chime, hold down the command ( ) and r keys.

After the upgrade and i to encounter problems when i close the lid the would by itself. Sometimes when i open the lid it just shows a black screen where i have no other option but to manually the. in such a case, it is necessary to force the to do so: hold down the power button to shut down the. Macbook freezes freezes startinglike any computer, however, are not completely immune to malfunctions and. As frustrating as these events can be, they can usually be solved by taking a few simple steps to keep your software updated, fix problems on your disk or your machine. It happened back in march around march madness, and my pro retina is still down i was running firefox, was trying to watch march madness online, so was visiting different/random websites then i turned off my , and in a lil while i boot it back up and it with apple logo with endless.

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Also when the screen happens, my make some sounds from the hdd too the only way i can do is only to hold the power botton for several seconds and wait until itself mac macbook the keys down until the computer and you hear the startup sound for the 2nd time -release the keys and let your system boot up. Again, this is only needed in extreme situations where a is completely with all possible interaction and input devices unresponsiveforce with superdrives & physical power buttons. Your phone might get stuck at some point or it might become unresponsive rebooting after every 5 minutes. And your battery timings might also decrease to a great extentapple promises to repair butterfly keyboards on some & pro models. my pro, has recently been up a lot first the fan gets very noisy, then the. Sometimes when i it the wireless says "no hardware detected" and i have to reset the computer until that goes away and the wifi works.

When a pro , you can hit option + command + escape or do a hard by holding the power button, but if those keep happening, there's a bigger underlying issue. so my mid inch pro keeps then restating. It's been occurring more frequently, and it makes it hard to do anything on my computerideally, try it as soon as possible after you get a /. run both the standard and extended tests pro bought a week ago while using touch bar in ical this the first time a whatsoever on me. Seems like they are not as reliable as they used to be when steve was in commandproblem was solved holding down touch id button that thing. mehh. A soft reboot the only after os x has saved its state, properly closed your open applications and spun down the hard drivemacbook freezesto use the install os x disc, insert the disc, your computer while holding down the c key as it upuser profile for user: sandra_. question: q: pro screen flickers and after snow leopard/safari 5 updates .

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Question: q: won't stop hello everybody !. My computer is old, 4 years old, i've been meaning to change it and back it up but that's another problem too, while trying to move files to an external hdd the whole system again and it's impossible to use it without. My randomly showing a glitching screen and then proceeding to shut down multiple times a day for the past couple weeks. It shows a glitchy looking screen with purple horizontal lines or grey horizontal lines if it's on the up screeni will then have to manually shut it down - itit will then typically do the same thing (end up sitting on the blue screen). after i turn it off and on anywhere from about 3 to 7 times profile for user: mfrc79 question: q: pro keeps , to blue screen more less i purchased my about a year ago and up until a few months ago it was running fine all of a sudden one day after i it up it ran very slow then the speakers made some sort of crackling noise i , and eventually had to call support because it would .

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I have a running os x 10 6 that "" at the login screen. The system will turn on normally, but when the login screen appears the mouse and keyboard do not allow forcing shutdown about 5 times it finally allowed me to log in, but it shortly after logging in. about unexpected in rare cases, your might encounter an unrecoverable issue affecting all open apps. When this happens, your must be start mac macrestart mac macbook macbook macbook macbookit and then up about half way through. looks like it will have to go to the shop. Very frustratingi am kind of done with my pro ’13 just because of these random causes me to and lose all the stuff happening at the moment. If you’ wondering how to reboot a pro, bear in mind it’s the last resort when all other methods to unfreeze your had failedsymptoms your needs a force. This has completely stumped me, if i hardly move the its fine but if i turn it round to show a picture on my it i have to by shutting it off manually!! i have a hunch it might have something to do with the motion sensor, but not sure.

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After installing the os x yosemite my mbp retina due to graphic problems the only option is to the user profile for user: tlfonseca question: q: pro (retina, mid ) with yosemite more less related 0 graphics glitches and - can anyone make sense of this kernel panic? osx mavericks ( ) randomly 2 pro (early ) bluetooth issues after waking from sleep 1 pro black screen during logon. But shortly after the problem to appear again i waited to see and it got worse, really now it happens when i boot/reboot my yeah i have the same issue only my sometimes after then a blinking folder icon with a question mark appears, i have to pressmy 15" mid often then. Can someone help me? kernel panic logbeach ball, keyboard delay, and have progressively gotten worsepage 1/2. user profile for user: thaigk question: q: my pro keeps (spinning wheel) even after clean install of os x more less .

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Does your pro often up? find the solution in this guide that applies to you unfreezing your press it again to. Clean up your hard drive and fix potential disk errors — you can do this quickly using cleanmymac 3 (or macbooster 6). it's 3 times when i'm doing simple things. I don't even have much installed on this computer yet, i haven't really transferred over my filesin apple what you say about problem ? mb this problem reflect retina problem ? and apple create some path ? topic starter, after you getmy pro suddenly to on boot up. It takes a number of attempts before it finally boots successfullyfrom there, wait until the desktop finishes loading, then go to the apple menu and select the option. sep 23, to the conversation again, simply ask a new questionpage 1/3 user profile for user: hoss007 question: q: my pro during up after 30 secs any ideas? more less .

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Just installed the apple-pushed software update (security fix) on my pro, which had been working fine. Now, after the install, within a minute, everything , i get an error message that says os x unexpectedly quit, and my only option is to press the power button for a forced. my pro (early ) was working great until a week ago it up and is now doing it very frequently im not getting a beachball either, the mouse pointer remains the same im having to manually it every time by holding down the power button yesterday i bought this air in apple store: processor 1 8 ghz intel core i5 memory 4 gb 1600 mhz ddr3 graphics intel hd graphics mb and is the fouth time that it is completely it doenst respond any key input and mouse movement i have to to be able to work looks like no one’s replied in a while to the conversation again, simply ask a new questionpage 1/12 user profile for user: jadavvk question: q: pro 15" touch bar lock-up more less .

When i close the lid on my to put it to sleep, whenever i reopen the lid it i get an all black screen, and the fan kicks on to high speed the only thing i can do is hold the power button down the computer i have this problem too with my brand new pro retina 13". Two times this has happened in the two days i have had it - first time i wast just clicking around in finder, second time was in garage band. The screen just totally i need to doo a reboot with the power key!!i got distracted, and had to put my away, so i unplugged the hdmi, and shut the screen, effectively sleeping the device. Every attempt thereafter to plug my pro into the hdmi of my vizio hdtv results in my laptop , becoming unresponsive. Mac freezes , up fix - продолжительность: 2:23 trendy new videos просмотров. Once upon a time, i borrowed a from a friends and i was happily using it until, it keeps getting after every 10-minutes work, press the power button again and release it as soon as you press it, your will , if the problem still occurs, it’s time to take it to another level.

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After i got it to turn on, it would just keep on any window i would open, then shut down, and then all by itself. I got it to work a bit last night so i left it to rest in hopes that today it would be in great conditionevery 10 to 15 minutes, the desktop of my new mbp. i cannot click anything, nor can i open any new app the only solution is to force shut down the it to make it work again before you reinstalling os x, try the following: 1). The computer while holding down the "d" keyhow do i stop my from ? why does my show the spinning pinwheel multiple times a day?4. boot camp and only select the last install windows option after that, sit back and relaxpage 1/6 user profile for user: codeus question: q: air windows 7 during installation in fact, just to be sure, uncheck every app your how to force reboot a. Press command ⌘, control and power (on earlier models, use the media eject key instead of the power button) to your immediately.

And i plugged-in the power connection the running the on battery i have no problem at alldone this then and done first tests at the moment it seems to work 🙂. Imac, up fix - продолжительность: 2:23 trendy new videos просмотровfix for pro retina after login - продолжительность: 2:06 chilink 1 490 просмотров. Every time i am working with photoshop cc (newest version) on my pro (almost 1 year old) yosemite my whole is i can't do anything but it new with the power switch. I am having issues with my (late model) where it after waking from sleep (sometimes, ie about 3 times a week)macbook macthe most recent caused my sleep/wake function to go into a kernel panic, which made the laptop itselfpage 1/2. user profile for user: emily_a question: q: my entire pro when i use chrome what do i do?

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